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Better French

Kolibri Languages’ Better French series

This new series of PDF downloads, for intermediate and advanced students of French, will enable you to progress in your use and understanding of French. Each module of Better French will help you to

  • develop mastery of a given language function or grammatical topic.
  • increase your ability to use nuance when speaking French.
  • understand the subtleties of French as spoken by native speakers.
  • communicate in a culturally appropriate manner.

The modules are divided into bite-sized sections so you can improve your French in just a few minutes at a time.

Each module includes

  • easy-to-remember grammatical rules
  • study in depth of the key language topic
  • examples of use in context
  • associated up-to-date vocabulary, idioms and set phrases
  • help with pronunciation
  • cultural references
  • learning tips
  • amusing language items


Better French modules are ideal for individual study. Teachers can use the Learning Tips as the basis for further practise and group activities.

You can start improving your French today with Better French. Simply download the modules onto your computer, tablet or smartphone and begin learning and listening.


Format: PDF files with audio

Author: Pam Bourgeois

Written in English with numerous keywords and examples of use in context in French.

Level : B1 to C2 as indicated for each module (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

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Pocket Guides

Kolibri Languages’ Pocket Guides series

For learners of French and the many travellers fascinated by France and French life, this is an original collection of pocket-sized guides. Each Pocket Guide is topic based providing insights into French life as well as help with key aspects of the French language. The Pocket Guides are easy to consult and extremely practical.


Each Pocket Guide is packed with information, keywords and phrases, cultural insights and quizzes to help memorise essential points.


Format: Paperback – 100 pages – Full colour illustrations

Author: Pam Bourgeois

Written in English with keywords and useful phrases in French.

Level : A1 to B2. (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

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Practical Lifestyle Guides

Kolibri Languages Practical Lifestyle Guides Series

Deepen your understanding of the French way of life and improve your French.

Understanding what is going on, anticipating what people will say, being able to respond appropriately are all part of the recipe for successful conversations and relationship building with French people.

The Practical Lifestyle Guides are written especially for Francophiles who want to understand the French way of life in depth and speak French with confidence. They are based on creative and effective teaching methods that highlight the need for cultural insights when learning a language.

Each guide is a unique association of cultural information; tips, historical anecdotes and structured language help covering the major themes of everyday life in France. Organised for easy reference and attractively illustrated, the Practical Lifestyle Guides bring you insider knowledge and structured language help (including an audio CD to perfect pronunciation and intonation).

Whether you are a frequent visitor or travelling to France for the first time, whether you have little or very rusty French or more confidence, these guides will help you make the most of your trips to France and will enable you to get to know French people.

The Practical Lifestyle Guides also make an attractive and useful present for your Francophile friends.


Format: Paperback with stiffened cover – 100 pages – Full colour illustrations  and
Audio CD (60 mins)

Author: Pam Bourgeois

Written in English with numerous keywords and useful phrases in French.

Level : A2 to B2. (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

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Speak and discover French language and France with Kolibri collection - French books with audio CD

Kolibri Digital Guides (Coming Soon)

Kolibri Languages Digital Guides Series
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The Practical Lifestyle Guides are also available in digital versions that preserve the attractive layout of the books. Take the Practical Lifestyle Guides with you in digital format on your next trip to France! The vital cultural tips, key phrases and pronunciation help will be at your fingertips just when you need them.

Not yet familiar with Kolibri Languages Practical Lifestyle Guides? Discover this enjoyable way to learn about all those fascinating cultural differences as you build your confidence in speaking French.


Format: Digital Format for download including audio.

Author: Pam Bourgeois

Written in English with numerous keywords and useful phrases in French.

Level : A2 to B2. (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

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Samples - Give it a go!

Test the ease of use of The Kolibri Collection by downloading free sample pages and audio clips from a Better French module, a Practical Lifestyle Guide, a Pocket Guide or a Kolibri Digital Guide.

How does it work?

Better French and the Practical Lifestyle Guides have MP3 files in addition or embedded in the PDF file.

You need headphones, or a computer with speakers, to be able to enjoy these MP3 files. To open the PDF files of Better French we recommend you use Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit. Both PDF readers are available as free downloads.

For iPads, iphones or Android devices we recommend you use the Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit app for regular PDFs.
In order to enjoy the MP3 files embedded in the PDFs of the Better French Series, simply open the PDFS in the Document5 or ezPDF app. Both apps should be available as free downloads.

Better French

You will need to download this PDF file onto your computer and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit in order to hear the MP3 files.
Either right click on the button below and choose “save target link” or hit the download arrow in the top right hand corner once the PDF file is opened in your browser.

Open PDF Sample with Audio

Pocket Guide

Open PDF Sample

Practical Lifestyle Guide

Open PDF Sample

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Pam Bourgeois, the founder of Kolibri Languages, has long been associated with creative and effective language learning methods. Her techniques are based on years of experience running language schools for an international clientele and creating language-study materials.

Pam has lived and worked for over 30 years in France where she established language schools, created and was editor-in-chief of several language magazines, including Bien-Dire, and developed a series of over 30 audio learning guides in three languages.

Her expertise in language learning and passion for cultural understanding inspired her to create Kolibri Languages. She has since published a collection of Practical Lifestyle Guides and Pocket Guides as well as the innovative Better French series.


Feel free to send us an email if you any question regarding our products and we will get back to you, asap.


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