Getting to grips with informal French slang

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Do you have difficulty recognising and understanding French slang words and expressions? Do you sometimes get the wrong end of the stick in an informal French conversation? Maybe you guess that pears are involved when a French person uses the verb ‘poireauter’, or presume someone is referring to a metal when you hear the word ‘nickel’.

Would you like to know a few informal expressions to drop into conversations with French friends to show you’re surprised, in agreement or impressed? When can you use ‘Ça marche!’ for example?

And what about breaking the rules? French people say, ‘T’es où?’ when talking on their mobile phones. Are other examples of ‘broken grammar’ in current use?

You can find the answers to your queries in Essential French Slang (Part Two) the latest downloadable module in the innovative Better French series produced by Kolibri Languages.

For more information, go to and start achieving your goal of speaking Better French today.


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