“I lack vocabulary in French.”

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Have you ever felt that your lack of vocabulary handicaps you when speaking French? Do you sometimes recognise a word but not understand what it means in a particular context? You may ask confidently for une baguette in a French bakery but, when a French electrician uses the same word, is he really talking about French bread sticks? Does Harry Potter, in the French translation of the novels, really need a French bread stick too?

In A French vocabulary builder you will find that you have a bigger vocabulary than you thought. You just need to learn how to turn the words you do know into multiple meanings.

In each of the 15 word trails in this module of Better French, you will discover how to express several different meanings, all for the price of one word! You’ll also learn idiomatic uses, discover cultural references and even learn some grammar points so that, for example, when writing to thank your French hostess, you don’t confuse the lovely duck pâté she made with dog food!

Enrich your vocabulary, and learn how to turn words into meanings by following the fun word trails in A French vocabulary builder. You can download the module onto your phone, tablet or computer or, if you prefer, print a paper version of this latest addition to the innovative Better French series produced by Kolibri Languages.

For more information, go to www.kolibrilanguages.com and start achieving your goal of speaking Better French today.



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