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Better French – Essential French Slang (Part Two)


Product Description

PDF files with audio – 16 pages for download

Why should learners of French bother with French slang? After all, most learners will never need to use slang to the extent that a French native speaker does.

Have you already experienced how frustrating listening to French people can be? Without some familiarity with slang words and expressions, you can rapidly lose the thread as most informal conversations in French include some slang.

In Essential French Slang (Part Two), you will discover

  • numerous everyday slang adjectives and verbs.
  • slang expressions to show surprise, agreement or approval.
  • expressions to use when everything is ok, or when it isn’t!
  • the latest slang exclamations.
  • when the French use ‘broken grammar’.
  • how to use slang when you feel strongly about something.

As well as an in-depth look at frequently used slang expressions, there are numerous examples of use in context in French. You will also find learning tips, cultural information, grammar points and fun notes to make your learning experience practical and enjoyable. By simply clicking on the audio button you can check your pronunciation and intonation too.

The module is divided into bite-sized sections so that you can increase your knowledge of French slang just a few minutes at a time.

If you want to hold informal conversations with French people, understand ‘broken grammar’ and learn lots of useful slang adjectives, verbs and expressions, this module of Better French will help you achieve this goal.


Title : Essential French Slang (Part Two)

Author : Pam Bourgeois

Level : B1 to C2. (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

ISBN : 9791091624206

PDF files with audio – 16 pages for download

Written in English with numerous examples of use in context in French.

You can print out the PDF file if you wish.


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