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Discover everything you need to know when meeting French people.

Cultural tips, historical anecdotes, useful words and expressions, amusing idioms, quizzes and key information will help you understand the French way of life.

  • Find out what to expect when you are invited for an apéritif.
  • Know when to use tu and vous.
  • Understand regional differences.
  • Learn how to greet people in formal and informal situations.
  • Discover when to faire la bise.
  • Obtain tips on keeping up a conversation in French.
  • Be prepared if you are invited to a French wedding.
  • Gain insights into the French sense of humour.

Click on the audio icon for help with pronunciation and intonation.


Meeting the French will help you feel confident when talking to French people and when invited to French occasions.

Title : Meeting the French

Author : Pam Bourgeois

Level : A2 to B2. (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

ISBN : 9791091624046

Digital Format for download including audio.

Written in English with numerous keywords and useful phrases in French.


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